Sunday, 14 September 2008

Amsterdam night scene: pub and moving tram

Amsterdam night scene
When I was shooting this image in the center of Amsterdam with a long exposure a tram appeared in the frame. I thought it ruined the shot. But the final result turned out to be quite interesting.

Amsterdam night scene

Do you like more the original image or postprocessed?

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Laura said...

I prefer the first shot. Until a half a year ago, I lived very close to the city centre of Amsterdam. I like the scene you've captured here, it's absolutely the atmosphere I know from Amsterdam.

José-Angel said...

I believe that the passage of the tram was very positive. It has created a very showy effect of wake. I prefer the original one. The processed image I do not like!

Andres said...

I know exactly where you took this photo. Very cool results. You are right the tram turned out to be a good thing.

Gentse Koppen said...

the first shot for me!